Hilary Clinton Early Favorite To Win The 2016 US Elections

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U.S. likely to have a female president in 2016

There aren’t many things that gamblers will not bet on. As long as the results are not guaranteed and there are plenty of variables to determine them, gamblers will take bets on just about everything, including the US presidential elections. In fact, the anticipation for the 2016 elections is so high that some online sportsbooks have already presented the early odds to bet on.

Hilary Clinton – 2/1 favorite

Hilary Clinton Early Favorite To Win The 2016 US Elections
Hilary Clinton

As of now, Hilary Clinton is the favorite candidate to become president of the United States in 2016 with online bookmakers offering 2:1 odds. She advanced in the rankings by quite a lot from last week when she was just a 5:2 favorite and a $2,400 bet gave her line a nice boost. Gamblers thinking of supporting Hilary Clinton should know that she hasn’t yet announced that she will be running for the position, despite the fact that many believe she stands a good chance to take over for Barack Obama in the White House.

NBC recently made a survey regarding the presidential elections and the results show that Clinton would win if the elections would take place today, being a bigger favorite than the current New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, which is the Republican favorite. Christie has been making headlines in the gambling industry throughout the year, with his efforts to legalize online casinos in New Jersey – expected to launch on November 26. While this may land him a few extra votes with the eager casino players in the state, Christie is now fourth-favorite to win the 2016 presidential elections, at 10/1 odds.

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Hilary Clinton Early Favorite To Win The 2016 US Elections
Chris Christie

If the former First Lady and the recently Secretary of State would win the 2016 elections and become president, she will be first female to ever have this position in the history of the United States. As of now, the odds of her doing so are very good and there are still a couple of years left to go before we can see if the US will have a female president.

Marco Rubio – 6/1 odds

The second name on the list is Marco Rubio, at 6/1 odds. Rubio is a junior US Senator from Florida and a member of the Republican Party. There were reports in June 2012 that Mitt Romney would select him as a running mate but he changed his mind and went with Paul Ryan. Now, Rubio is looking good in the run for president.

The second son of former president George W. Bush and the former Governor of Florida, Jeb Bush, has 9/1 odds right now to follow in his father’s footsteps in 2016.

There are a total of 44 candidates gamblers can bet on right now, including Mitt Romney at 33/1 and Michelle Obama at 100/1. The lines will change as more players get their bets in and if any major changes take place regarding the elections. A bet now can land the best odds but you will have to way for several years to see if it is successful and claim your winnings.

The online bookmakers that offer early odds on the 2016 election are not available for players from the United States due to the regulations imposed by the federal government.



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