UK Gambling Commission Consultation: What You Need to Know

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The UK Gambling Commission has recently opened a consultation period on proposed changes to gambling regulations in the country. These changes include an expansion of multi-operator self-exclusion, the requirement for licensees to inform the commission when customers die by suicide, and updating payment services regulations. With these potential changes in effect, it’s important for stakeholders to understand their implications and how they could affect their businesses. Read on to learn more about the UK Gambling Commission consultation and what you need to know.

Expansion of Multi-Operator Self-Exclusion

The UKGC is proposing an expansion of multi-operator self-exclusion (MOSE) which would make it easier for players to exclude themselves from multiple operators at once. This would be done through a single registration process—players would no longer have to sign up with each operator individually. What does this mean for players? It means that they can easily protect themselves from problem gambling and have greater control over their gaming habits. How will this affect licensees? They could see a decrease in revenue as some players may choose not to gamble anymore due to MOSE’s increased accessibility.

Requirement for Licensees to Inform Commission When Customers Die By Suicide

The second proposed change is a requirement for licensees to inform the commission when customers die by suicide within 12 months of having interacted with their business or products. Why is this important? It’s important because it helps ensure that licensees are taking responsibility for customer safety and providing appropriate levels of care and support. Additionally, this provides the commission with information that can be used in order to better understand problem gambling behaviours and create more effective interventions in order to reduce harm associated with gambling activities. What are the implications of this change? For players, it could lead to increased protection from problem gambling as well as improved access to resources and support services if needed. For licensees, however, it could result in more stringent regulation and possibly even sanctions if they fail to comply with the requirement.

Updating Payment Services Regulations

Finally, the consultation also proposes updates on payment services regulations which would help protect vulnerable people from falling into debt due to online gambling activities. This involves requiring operators who offer payment services such as credit cards or e-wallets (e.g., PayPal) provide customers with information about limiting deposit amounts as well as setting daily/weekly/monthly deposit limits. What will this involve? Operators would need to make sure that all customers have access to these features so that they can effectively manage their spending while still enjoying online gaming activities safely and responsibly. How could this benefit both players and licensees? Players will benefit from increased protection against problem gambling while licensees will benefit from improved customer retention rates since there will be less risk involved in playing at their sites due to enhanced player protection measures put in place by these updates on payment services regulations..

It’s clear that the proposed changes outlined by the UK Gambling Commission Consultation represent an attempt by regulators and legislators alike at creating better protections for both players and operators alike regarding online gaming activities within the U.K.. As such, stakeholders should pay attention during this consultation period so they can adequately prepare themselves should any of these changes come into effect later down the road. Understanding how these proposed changes could affect your business now is key so you can make sure you are ready when they do go into effect!


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