Offshore US Poker Sites Will Continue To Prosper

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US-friendly online poker rooms not worried about state-by-state legislation

The online poker regulation in the United States is advancing, be it at a very slow pace, and the question that many are left asking is regarding the online poker rooms now accepting American players and their future in the States.

Offshore US Poker Sites Will Continue To ProsperWhile the US Department of Justice came cracking down on the major poker sites in the US a couple of years ago on Black Friday, a handful of online poker rooms continue to cater to the market and show good results. Some of these are Americas Cardroom, Bovada Poker and Carbon Poker, and although they are not regulated in the US, it doesn’t mean that they do not offer secure online transactions and fair gaming with regular verifications from licensed companies.

The Nevada online poker industry is already up and running, with two poker sites available for players within the state. New Jersey is expected to launch in November and other states will most likely follow in similar footsteps to make regulated online gaming a reality. Will these changes affect the existing online poker options in the United States?

Online poker with no boundaries

The safe bet would be that the offshore poker sites will continue to serve American players and there are quite a few reasons for this. The obvious one is that the sites are available across the country and not just limited to one or two states. Even if intrastate compacts become a reality, the player pool from 3-4 states will not be enough to sustain a big online poker room. And if the past changes in legislation are any indication, it will take a very long time for online poker to become available in more jurisdictions.

Nevada for example legalized online poker towards the end of 2011 and the first poker site only went live in April, 2013. New Jersey has also come across some bumps along the way that threatened to push the deadline further back, but it seems that the November 23 date remains the one to look forward to.

It will take years before regulated online poker will spread throughout the United States and even then, not all 50 states will jump on the train. Many states are not even thinking about online poker and this will leave a significant part of the population with no other option than to join one of the unregulated US poker sites.

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Years of experience in the market

Another reason why the current online poker rooms will continue to do very well in the US is that they have a lot more experience than the newcomers. Even if we consider the partnerships local operators are making with offshore companies, they will still be limited by the incredibly difficult restrictions. Also, the software, the variety, the traffic, the promotions and various other elements offered by foreign poker sites simply leave the local competition in the dust; at least the ones which are now available.

Attractive bonuses and promotions

Carbon Poker is the leading online poker room now available for US players and it operates at the same high standards available in Europe. This doesn’t just mean quick and secure real money transactions but also a high quality poker product with great graphics and various features. Compared to Ultimate Poker (the first online poker site launched in Nevada) Carbon Poker offers a totally different world of possibilities and it is hard to see why anyone would choose the first over the latter. Join Carbon Poker Now and check things out for yourself, with a 200% welcome bonus of up to $5,000 to help you get started.

Banking plays a very big role in online poker and some operators tend to forget that. The deposit options now available on the Nevada poker sites are under par and the cashout times don’t even come close to those offered by the offshore poker rooms.

Players tend to be quite loyal to online poker rooms after a while and as long as things go well, not many are likely to make the switch. The much larger number of players allows unregulated online cardrooms to offer some amazing promotions and VIP programs to their customers and keep them satisfied.

All in all, it is safe to say the online poker rooms now accepting US customers will continue to strive even with more states legalizing and regulating the game. The small player pool and the many restrictions that come with online poker only being legal within state borders can discourage US players from even attempting to check out the regulated sites if they are legal in their state.


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