The Latest Promotions From Leading Online Gaming Sites

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Play poker, casino games and fantasy sports leagues for free!

The world of online gaming offers a wide range of options which players can easily gain access to. No matter if you prefer playing poker, casino games or fantasy sports leagues on the internet, it is always recommended opting for the leading sites. These are the ones that guarantee flawless security and pristine services, as well some amazing promotions.

Usually, the popular brands became this way for certain reasons and new players can simply take advantage of the information to make sure they get it right from the start.

Fantasy sports leagues at FanDuel

The Latest Promotions From Leading Online Gaming Sites

FanDuel is the biggest fantasy sports premium game on the internet and its popularity makes for some amazing prizes and thousands of leagues taking place every week. Everything is web-based so there is no need to download anything and you can get started right away.

After creating an account and making a deposit, you just need to choose a league to join. The entry fees can range from $1 to over $500 and they normally determine the size of the prizepool. You then just need to create your favorite team by choosing players and making sure you remain within the salary cap. Once the league starts, you can follow your team in real time and see how many points it has. At the end of the league, which normally lasts for one day, the winners will immediately receive the prize money in their accounts.

FanDuel offers a range of promotional incentives to attract new players and give them a helping hand. These include a welcome bonus, weekly depositor’s freerolls, FanDuel Points and various sport-specific contests.

FDPs are earned with every real money game you enter, regardless if you win or lose. As you take part in more leagues, the FDP balance on your account will increase and you will be able to use these points to enter contests and special freerolls. Try fantasy betting for free with FanDuel!

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Online casino games at 7Red

When it comes to online casinos, every player has a favorite site. The differences in style, games and promotions makes for a pretty impressive pool of options to choose from but there are always some that get noticed for their offers. One of the best ways is to keep up with the major award ceremonies.

This is where 7Red comes in with the title of “Slots Operator of the Year”; two years in a row. Since most players think of slot games when they hear of casino games, this is the leading site to join right now and the games are not left without some financial gifts for all customers.

7Red Casino has just added a new promotion which sends players to the gambling capital of the world, Las Vegas. In order to take part in the raffle, you just need to make a deposit during the month of October. The trip for two will include transportation, accommodations for 4 nights at a luxurious casino and €10,000 in spending money to make sure that the opportunity is made the most of.

Even if you don’t get lucky and not win the trip to Vegas, it is still very profitable to join 7Red as the online casino offers a welcome bonus of 100% on the first deposit, up to $100. Making more deposits will not only get you a better chance at the raffle but will also help you get a better VIP level and bigger bonuses.

Online poker at Carbon Poker

Finding the ideal online poker room is just as complicated as finding the best online casino. The problem is that not all poker players are equal and the multitude of game variations and stakes can make it hard to say which the best poker site is across the board. Talking just in the United States, Carbon Poker is certainly on the top of the list but the same can be said if we also consider other countries.

The loose and not so crowded tables on Carbon Poker make it the ideal place for recreational players which want to stay away from sharks and just enjoy the game at low-medium limits. The promotions nicely put the poker room even further ahead, with new players getting a 200% welcome bonus of up to $5,000.

The latest promotion now available at Carbon Poker is called Last Man Standing and it runs for a total of 53 days. Players can win over $27,000 in cash prizes and take part in a $5,000 freeroll.


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