The Gambling Industry Of Tomorrow

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How things are likely to develop in the US

When huge events present various elements of a current industry, it is hard to not talk about the future. Since the Global Gaming Expo took place last week and the last couple of sessions focused on the gambling industry of tomorrow, some very interesting issues were raised. These are not just limited to the land-based casinos in Las Vegas, where the conference took place, but also cover the future of online gambling in the US and across the ocean.

Land-based casinos in the US

The Gambling Industry Of TomorrowWhile more players choose to get their favorite gambling options over the internet and spend less time in a land-based casino, it is safe to say that the brick and mortar buildings filled with lights and various games will not be going away anytime soon. The G2E mostly focused on the future of this industry in the United States since the online version is not yet accessible across the country in a regulated environment. For the regular casino players, new and improved games continue to be the big attraction as various new slot titles were introduced last week. These cover themes from pop culture, with popular movies normally stealing the spotlight

Needless to say that casino cities in the US have had a pretty bad time over the last couple of years but this can be associated with the economic issues that meant less people would have extra money to gamble in casinos. Now, things seem to be getting back to normal; or at least in Las Vegas while Atlantic City figures continue to drop. Closing poker rooms is a sign that the number of players has dropped significantly and it is becoming a common decision in some parts of the country.

One of the focuses of land-based casinos can be on the number of travelers who are looking for a gambling-focused vacation. Interest expressed by people on vacation towards gambling has been constantly increasing over the past 5 years. In order to get the vacation gamblers interested, operators must look for ways to re-invent themselves without making the process to difficult. New players are also more likely to lose their money while having fun so it is certainly something that land-based casino operators should look towards.

However, the land-based casino industry in cities such as Las Vegas and Atlantic City has an offer bigger than the demand and until this is changed, the customer will have the advantage.

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Online gambling in the US

While the operators in the two major gambling states are looking for ways to attract more players to their casinos, they are also working on their online offers. The internet can represent the future for some companies that get off to a good start, but most of them will most likely be left in the dust. So far, there are only three states that have legalized some forms of online gambling, with Nevada already launching two online poker rooms, New Jersey getting ready for its online casino launch in November and with Delaware still in the race.

This represents the start of the online gambling industry in the United States despite the fact that the offers launched under the new regulatory systems will only be available within their respective states. The two poker rooms in Nevada have been experiencing a pretty good start but they not only have to compete against themselves, but also against US-friendly online poker sites. The Carbon Poker room is one of the top cardrooms available for American players and its experience in the industry puts it far ahead of the newcomers; not to mention the fact that it is available across the world and not just limited to one state.

The same can be said about online casinos in the United States. Although New Jersey will have more gambling options than just poker, the same limitations will be imposed and offshore casinos will most likely continue to be the top choice. Try Miami Club Casino here, claim a huge welcome bonus and take your pick from over 150 thrilling casino games.

It will take some time for the online gambling industry to get started in the United States and while some bumps are expected along the way, this could be the future if more states join in or if a federal bill legalizes it. If this happens, a good piece of advice to take away from Europe is that mobile gambling should be a top priority.


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