How Does A Mobile Casino Player Add Up?

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Enjoying Mobile Casino Games

Despite the fact that mobile gaming continues to surge in popularity as the top software developers come up with new apps, the ideas regarding the average mobile casino player seem to remain pretty much the same. Quite a few operators believe that the value of a mobile player is not as big as the online desktop player and a recent study provided by a mobile operator aims to prove exactly the opposite.

To start things off, we should mention that mobile is a bit more complicated than its desktop cousin. The site has to be designed with more care so that the loading times from mobile devices are not big enough to discourage players from even trying it out. This doesn’t mean that the styling has to be thrown out the window or that it can’t have any images, especially now when the players are used to getting the same services on their mobile device as they would get online from a desktop.

Enjoying Mobile Casino GamesMobile search traffic

According to the study performed by the mobile casino, half of the search traffic comes from mobile devices. This means that half of the players found their preferred site by searching for it on their mobile device of choice and then decided to join. On the other hand, half of the users took their time and did some extra research from their desktop and then simply just accessed it from their mobile when they were pleased with the results.

One of the interesting things that stood out here is that most mobile players also enjoy playing from a desktop. While there are plenty of mobile-only casinos that have seen a lot of success recently, there is no denying that offering the whole package (mobile + desktop) is more appealing to customers. Players can enjoy their favorite games on the large desktop screen when at home and then take the titles on the go when they have to leave.

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The only problem is that the list of mobile games is generally smaller than the one for online casinos. Not all the popular online titles are optimized for mobile devices but the operators are certainly looking to even things out as mobile gaming continues to grow. The always improving devices and internet speeds guarantee that mobile games are doing their best to keep up with the vast offers available for desktop gaming.

Smaller deposits and sessions

Another difference that can be seen between mobile and desktop players is that the latter group tends to deposit more money but also take more time before making a decision. Mobile players generally find a reliable network in a very short time and join quickly, but make a smaller deposit. There are several reasons for this, one of them being that there are not as many mobile casinos available as there are online casinos. This makes the search easier and mobile players also tend to stick to one option rather than switch sites frequently. If desktop players can spend days looking for the ideal online casino to join, mobile users can start playing in less than an hour.

Most mobile players enjoy the games at lunchtime and during the evenings. Fridays and Saturdays usually see a lower traffic while the action picks up again on Sunday evenings. Online casinos normally see the exact opposite in traffic as the weekends are usually the busiest periods of the week. The sessions are also smaller for mobile players but take place a lot more frequently. Users simply get a few games going when they are bored and have a few minutes to spare. In conclusion, the surprising fact is that mobile players are just like desktop players and have the same value for the casino.


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