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Gambling from a smartphone or tablet

It is hard to overestimate the impact mobile gaming has on the gambling industry. While it was considered just a small segment a few years ago, mobile gambling is now the most important source of income for some of the biggest operators in the business. According to recent numbers, some gambling companies from Europe get almost half of their revenue from their mobile platforms and it is expected for the trend to get even bigger over the next few years.

Mobile CasinoThere are many factors that contribute to the increase in popularity but the most important one is the smartphone boom. Over the past few years, the smartphone image has changed from a luxury item to a must-have, especially amongst the younger generation. The decrease in prices and constant improvements meant that more and more people could afford to have a smartphone and always stay connected on the internet through social networks and instant messaging. Given the large number of smartphone users that have access to the internet at reliable speeds, online casinos simply fell right in and were welcomed with open arms by players that always want to have their favorite games available.

Some of the best casinos in the business expanded their offers to include versions for smartphones and tablets without taking away from the games in the process. The results are great looking games which can be installed on mobile devices and played over the internet for real money. The stable internet connection and security protocols make sure that the experience is just as enjoyable on the smaller screen as it is when playing from a desktop computer. Drake Casino on mobile is now one of the top choices for players from around the world, including the United States, and it offers various games optimized for smartphones and tablets based on either Apple’s iOS or Android operating systems.

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Download or Instant Play

As it is with regular online casinos, mobile users have the option to download and install the app on their smartphone or play the games right from the browser. This battle between Native Apps and HTML5 is a very important one since both versions come with their own set of advantages and disadvantages. It is also important to point out the large variety of mobile devices and operating systems now available, which force the casino operators to have versions for each of them.

Jack Gold Casino mobile is very impressive when it comes to offering games for different devices. The site can easily be switched from smartphone to tablet to PC to smart TV so that players can have access to the entire list of games.

Mobile gambling in the United States

The online gambling industry in the United States is not as big as it is in Europe or in other parts of the world but despite the regulations imposed by the government, American customers can always enjoy the full range of games offered by certain online casinos. Both Drake Casino and Jack Gold welcome players from the United States and offer them their entire range of games, including the mobile versions. Try Jack Gold Casino Here to not only get access to a long list of casino games, but also claim up to  £1,000 for free, as part of the welcome package.

While the desktop online gambling trend took pace in Europe, players from the United States did not have that many options and now that the market has evolved into mobile gaming, operators focus more and more on their mobile offers. The best thing is that the top US-friendly online casinos also have mobile games and customers can just enjoy both versions as they wish.


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