Million Dollar Lottery Ticket Thrown In The Trash

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Couple wins big and the latest online bingo bonuses

Million Dollar Lottery Ticket Thrown In The TrashThe gambling action nowadays is mostly focused on the internet since it makes it a lot easier for players to enjoy their favorite games; not to mention the big bonuses offered by the top sites. However, there are plenty of people that buy lottery tickets from wending machines and don’t even pay that much attention to them. This is what happened earlier this week when a couple from Massachusetts purchased a scratch lottery card while buying groceries.

When Joseph and Joanne Zagami got home and unpacked, they also threw away the ticket in the trash can by mistake. Luckily, they remembered about lottery ticket the next day and began searching for it around the house. When they eventually found it and scratched it, the ticket revealed the fact that they won $1 million.

Instead of cashing in on the amount over a long period of time, the couple chose to get the lump sum of $650,000 before taxes and was satisfied to win $455,000 from a ticket which they didn’t even pay attention to and almost threw out. They also declared that they will use the money to go on a vacation but will first pay off their mortgage and other debts.

Lottery jackpot winners are usually given the chance to choose how they want to be paid. Getting the entire amount usually takes a long period of time as the jackpot is released in installments; in this case, it would have taken 20 years for the million dollars to be awarded to the couple. The other option is to opt for the lump sum. This is a one-time payment but the amount is significantly smaller than the whole jackpot, even without considering taxes. Getting 65% upfront seemed like the best choice for the lucky winners and the almost half a million they got in cash is still a nice payday.

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Play online and win big

In order to make sure that you never miss any tickets, online casinos and bingo halls offer amazing ways to play the games. Since we are talking about large jackpots that can be won with just one scratch or one spin, online progressive slots are the best choice for gamblers. There are plenty of games to enjoy on the popular online casinos and to make it even more convenient for the players, they also offer huge bonuses. For example, the Lucky Red Casino bonus is an astonishing 400% on the first deposit, up to $4,000; one of the best welcome bonuses on the internet.

Players that want to enjoy online bingo also have a wide variety of sites to choose from. The game has vastly increase in popularity over the past couple of years and the online bingo halls have certainly kept up with the boom by offering large bonuses and better looking games. The South Beach Bingo bonuses are guaranteed to help new players get started and get them closer to those big jackpots.

The welcome bonus is 150% on the first and second deposits, with other daily promotions running throughout the week. South Beach Bingo also has a nice style that is meant to attract the younger generation, so the community is very welcoming. With large bonuses and various other promotions, it is very easy to try online bingo with free bingo money and win large real money prizes in the process. There are games running all day long so players only need to wait a few minutes in order to get started and the buy-ins can range from just a few cents to several dollars, depending on the event. The pre-purchase feature allows you to buy your tickets in advance and never miss an opportunity to win some nice prizes.


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