Stories of casino scammers

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Scams in casinos

Famous casino scammers

Joe Classon, a native of New York, began as an honest poker player but after a fraud, he joined the company of his brother Henry in 1954. His brother taught him the art of “pastposting” that is, the art of placing bets on the table, once known the outcome of roulette. They had much success in Puerto Rico, Cuba and Las Vegas. Soon after, he started his own scam company joining his team was Richard Marcus from 1977 to 1989 in which Joe Classon retired.

Richard Marcus, considered the best con artist in history, accumulated in his “career” five million dollars for his scams. With its ability to play and the advantage as a casino dealer, he was a privileged person, which led him to his beginnings as a swindler. One day while working, Joe Classon offered him to be part of his team and professional casino cheaters. Marcus created the name Savannah trap, which was three red chips put five dollars in a pile on the table roulette and a $ 500 brown tab behind the first, so you do not see. If Marcus won, he got up screaming and dancing, which drew attention to the dealer. So when the dealer took the chips, appeared below the $ 500 he had not seen. Therefore could not incriminate the dealer. If, however, Marcus did not win, while the dealer is paying attention to the roulette, Marcus Brown removed the tab, leaving only the red stack, losing only 15 Dollars. Thanks to Savannah, Marcus made his living for a long time in the Atlantic City casinos, Las Vegas, London and Monte Carlo until they finally discovered their trap.

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Duke Wilson was a member of team “Pastposting” with Joe Classon since 1969. Wilson was in the marijuana business but decided to leave and follow Classon in casino scams. Duke was devoted to pastposting, becoming a specialist, able to remove the chips already placed on the table and replaced by the winners in a split second. In 1989 Jose Classon retired and the team disbanded.

Tommy Glenn Carmichael built in 1980, a device known as “top-down set,” a fairly simple device that produces metal “payments” when inserted into the coin slots on the machines. However, as the casinos were replacing their old slot machines with new ones, Carmichael had to renew his skills. It was then that the Slider tool was developed, from a guitar string and a steel spring which when introduced into the machine through the pay channel fired a switch to drop the coins. He then created the “wand of light”, which consisted of a camera battery and a miniature light bulb, which was used to blind the sensor into the slots, making coins fall. Carmichael sold its invention to other scammers. After several arrests, he was granted parole.

Just like with air force slots, there have been many casino scammers throughout the years and this is why it is important to only try and play at reputable casinos, which can guarantee your privacy and safety.  All those illegal casinos out there, should be your last choice when wanting to gamble, as they can cause more trouble for you than the benefits that you get from them.


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