Poker is being abandoned by some

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Poker players are leaving the tables

They want to find happiness

It seems that the pursuit of happiness is ravaging the world of poker. Adam Junglen, showed some slow movements, which categorized him like a lazy player; then he announced on his website that he will take an indefinite break because he has become disillusioned and no longer enjoys the game as he did before.

Last week, it was Phil Galfond who stated on his blog that he was willing to sacrifice EV poker in exchange for happiness. These are not necessarily bad news, it is clear that personal happiness is important and if poker does not provide it, then leaving the poker tables can be a good solution.  This could lead to some bankrupt casinos, but there are so many poker players out there that the industry is not really at risk, if a few players decide to take a break from the poker tables.

For Junglen, it seems that the decision is due to fatigue and that poker takes away more time without leaving room for other important things in life. The trigger for the decision however, appears to have been the poor performance in the WSOP 2012. These results have been the worst of his career, but after taking three consecutive years to improve the success of previous editions, taking a step back must have been disappointing for the player.

In this year, he played 21 events and only cashed in three of them, unable to reach any final table. His best finish was at the event $ 5,000 Pot Limit Omaha Six Max, which he placed in 20 position. Junglen attributed the results to no longer enjoying the games, as soon as you lack motivation, but he is not the only one who thinks so.

His friend and the person who banks for 5 years, Daniel Negreanu, had also realized the situation and the two decided they had better take a break. Junglen has been playing poker since he was a teenager and being a regular at live tournaments since age 18. It is normal to be a little tired.

“I’ve been putting most of my energy waning in poker since I was a teenager. Now, it is obvious to me that my intense dedication over the years has been slowly replacing my own happiness.”  Said Junglen, when interviewed after his participation in the WSOP 2012

 Junglen, who is only 24 years old and has a long life ahead, also said that, all you have to do is find a way to enjoy the game again.

It’s much easier to deploy your best poker when you’re enjoying the game, without any outside distractions. Normally you’d find that this break that Junglen took, may be the rest he needs to come back stronger.

Really, no one leaves the poker forever, right? “There is definitely a special place in my heart for all the good times and friends that poker has given me, for all the amazing people I’ve had the luck to know. I do not regret anything. “stated, Junglen and if this is so, we will probably see him back at the poker tables in a few months.



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