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Problems in Argentina

Casinos are having legal problems

While the bingo closed a deal with Governor Daniel Scioli to provide funds that will pay bonuses in exchange for the extension of licenses and although Kirchner legislators seeking to nationalize the gaming business in the province of Buenos Aires, Argentina, the company that owns Casino del Tigre also came to offer financial support to the president of Buenos Aires.

In fact, the company claims Trilenium have the same treatment given to the bingo halls and was extended by decree granting the enterprise located in the town of Tigre, whose concession expires in 2013.

Some experts in the field have learned that the casino intends to expand its operation Trilenium exchange for advance payments, as did the bingo halls that contributed to the operational bonus and received an automatic extension of their operating permits without competitive bidding and for another 15 years.

The move was ordered by a resolution signed by the owner of Lotteries and Casinos, Jorge Rodriguez. The Province established a special fee and $ 1,100 million immediately and another accessory and 60 installments for $ 400 million.

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And while in the case of Casino del Tigre, the contribution is not carried out through a levy, it would be an amount close to $ 400 million, if the extension of the concession also reaches 15 years.

Trilenium consists Boldt Company and Sociedad Comercial del Plata and operates the Casino del Tigre since 1999. Boldt is the same company accused by the national government of being behind the allegations against Vice President Amado Boudou by Ciccone case.

The society in which it participates and monitors the Casino de Tigre is operating with expired lease, which was extended in December 2009 to December 2013 Scioli, when it should call for bids to deliver the property to another dealer.

However, Trilenium intends to follow, for which argues the damage allegedly caused to his business for the breach of an exclusivity clause that provided for 150 miles around to operate. According to the company, several bingos now have extended their concessions to operate within that zone.

For this reason, the company warned that the contractual framework had changed and asked the provincial government to extend the concession. As there was no agreement, court filings made to understand that the contract change was a clear violation of the right property.

Additionally, last week, Antonio Tabanelli, president of Boldt, sent a letter to Holder asking Lottery Aires as Trilenium treatment that they had accorded to the bingo.

As an argument wields prejudice caused to the Casino de Tigre business for failure to comply with exclusivity.

It also argues that, despite being in the same gambling activity, the situation Trilenium, has been more onerous if one considers that the bingo halls receive 66% of the yield produced by machines, while that perceived Trilenium 41.33% plus VAT. For this reason, the letter calls Tabanelli discriminatory and said to need official treatment.  Not understand the reason to discriminate against Trilenium, bearing in mind that after the installation of the bingo halls has violated the Casino de Tigre, highlights the letter which some newspapers from Argentina had access to.

After warning that the province could be in violation of the principle of equality before the law clarifies that Trilenium not succeed in your order, you will go back to court.

While three sources were consulted for the government, the press time had not provided any official response on the subject.  Even a bonus from spin and win can change your life and this is why casinos and bingos are now very popular worldwide.


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