£40 Billion Wagered On Gambling Machines In UK

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Fixed odds betting terminals get huge revenues

£40 Billion Wagered On Gambling Machines In UKHigh-speed gambling machines have become a common sight in large cities throughout the United Kingdom  and the figures released for the year leading up to March 2012 saw a massive amount of bets taking place – more than £40 billion. The convenience of these machines is quite easy to notice since they offer players a nice selection of gambling games which they can enjoy with ease. Combined with the growing online gambling industry, the effects regarding unemployment in some parts of Great Britain, including London, are quite clear.

The large figures wagered from April 2011 and up to March 2012 reflect the engagement of the players and not the profits of the bookmakers who claim that they only profited around £1.4 billion from this period. The machines have a return rate of 97% and the increasing number of gamblers that frequent them only makes them more popular, and they can easily be found in venues in large cities.

One of the advantages of gambling machines is that they provide fixed-odds betting options at a very high pace and with high stakes limits to the high street. A recent analysis showed that there were almost 33,300 active fixed odds betting terminals available in the United Kingdom in the year before March 2012. This would mean that there are about 3-4 FOBTs available in every betting shop and the number is only expected to get higher as more customers find the joy in these machines.

The machines allow players to put down £100 for every spin of a wheel and they work with cash, debit or credit cards; a real treat for enthusiastic gamblers.

Online and mobile gambling

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While the machines can offer a very easy solution to players that want to enjoy a few casino games, the internet remains the best way to get access to gambling options. Instead of having to travel to a brick and mortar venue to play on big machines with mediocre graphics, the top online casinos in the business offer a much more convenient alternative. With just a quick download and a deposit that can be made through various banking options, the doors of high stakes online casino games are opened.

Large software providers are always coming up with new titles that have improved graphics and animations for a better gaming experience and online casinos generally offer over 100 games to choose from, much more than what a regular gambling machine has. There is also the fact that playing on the internet can come with special bonuses awarded by the sites. The 100% welcome bonus on the first deposit has become standard nowadays and there are some other weekend bonus promotions that can be claimed with ease at the popular online casinos.

For gambling on the move, mobile applications are the perfect solution. As smartphones become more popular, so does the trend of playing casino games from mobile devices. Despite the smaller screen and the performance limitations, the titles can look just as impressive on smartphones as they do on your home computer and it is possible to win large prizes with just a touch of a button.

Regardless of whether you prefer to play in brick and mortar casinos, sit in front of gambling machines, play from home or from a mobile device, it is very clear that gambling is becoming bigger and bigger every year and that players are not just looking to win large prizes but also enjoy the thrill that goes into wagering big amounts of money. The various options certainly make it very easy for every type of player to enjoy whatever games he prefers but there is also an increasing concern regarding problem gamblers that are constantly being tempted.


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