US Players Spent $2.6B On Online Gambling Last Year

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Americans continue to enjoy online gambling sites

According to a study released earlier this week by the American Gaming Association, US players spent $2.6 billion on gambling sites last year, despite the regulations that prevent most of the operators from accessing the market. British firm H2 Gambling Capital is behind this study which is used as a way to convince the regulators that the ban on online gambling has failed a long time ago.

With the worldwide online gambling market being evaluated at around $33 billion, Americans accounted for a pretty big chuck of that if we consider the legal limitations on most forms of online gambling. Despite these restrictions, there are some great US-friendly online casinos that welcome Americans and offer them the chance to play some amazing looking casino games over the internet. The same can be said about the online poker industry as there are several popular online poker rooms that have their US doors open.

US Players Spent $2.6B On Online Gambling Last YearRestrictions continue to be a problem

With this being said, it would be wrong to claim that the regulations do not prevent most of the players from accessing the online websites, mostly because they are not guaranteed security by local US regulators. While some players have been enjoying the trusted online casinos for quite a while now, the risk of not having support from the government is enough to discourage a large portion of the player pool; especially since the popular brands are normally the ones targeted out of the market.

For example, popular online bingo hall Kitty Bingo does not have access to the US market despite being one of the top sites in the industry. Americans are also known for loving bingo and the online version has improved so much over the years that it is the choice of players of all legal ages and various backgrounds.

In 2006, the US Government banned all forms of online gambling, including poker, and then changed its stance in late 2011, only prohibiting online sports betting. This allowed some states to change their regulations and allow certain forms of online gambling, with Nevada legalizing online poker and with New Jersey and Delaware opting for poker and other casino games. The fact these options are only available within their respective state borders means that players from other states will have to continue accessing other online gambling options.

According to the data presented by H2, Americans spent $219 million on online poker last year, a huge drop from the $1.6 billion during the peak in 2006. The ban of major poker sites in 2011 does have a lot to do with this drop since online poker rooms generally require a large and stable player pool.

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On the other hand, online gambling sites don’t require the user to play against other players and is thus easier for Americans to find reliable options over the internet. The total amount of spending by Americans in 2012 dropped from $2.8 billion in 2011 to $2.6 billion, mostly because of online poker.

The figures support the idea that if online gambling is legalized across the United States and offshore operators are allowed to enter the market, a huge number of players will get in on the action. Until then however, the reliable online casinos and poker rooms will have to satisfy the high demand.

Trusted online casino for US players

Although there are not many online casinos that accept US players, it doesn’t mean that you have to settle for anything less than what players from Europe get. There are sites that offer perfect online security so that every deposit is safe and players can easily enjoy a variety of casino games.

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