Land-Based Casino Brands Don’t Always Translate Online

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The image is not enough in the long run

The recent changes in Nevada and New Jersey have raised several concerns, one of which can be highlighted by the recent launch of the second online poker room in the new regulatory environment. Caesars Entertainment, the largest owner of US casinos, has launched a new online poker room in Nevada, using the World Series of Poker brand to attract players right from the start.

New Jersey is also not far behind from launching its first online gaming sites either and Caesars, as well as other known land-based casino brands, will be amongst the first to go live. However, the question regarding the future of these sites is quite important since offshore operators can come with a lot more experience in the industry and US-friendly online casinos will maintain their favorable position despite the regulations. The Miami Club casino review presents one of the most popular and trusted online casinos on the internet, one which US players can easily access.

So will the land-based casino brands provide enough early curiosity from players to get the sites going? The only way to know for sure is to wait and see and the poker room will be the first to show it. Despite Ultimate Poker enjoying an online monopoly with the new regulations in Nevada for the past several months, can very easily exceed it, simply due to its well-known image.

Learning from the French

Land-Based Casino Brands Don’t Always Translate OnlineA very similar situation took place in France as the leading casino operators in the country launched online poker rooms, hoping that the image will be enough to get them going, but never really took off.

Group Partouche is the leading casino operator in France, by far, and it is also a known brand across Europe. With 42 casinos in the country and operating some of the largest poker tours in France, the company is a familiar name amongst regular poker players.

After France presented its new set of online gambling regulations in 2010, Partouche launched a new poker network which used its own software. Despite the many advantages that the casino operator had in the market, the online poker room didn’t have much success and was eventually shut down a couple of weeks ago.

On paper, everything looked very well. The decades of experience with French gamblers gave it an edge against foreign competition and the popular image meant that players could easily trust the operator. The poker tour nicely promoted the brand even more and attracted players from all over the globe, not to mention the promotion possibilities offered by the 42 casinos. Even the French regulations, that force other large operators to segregate their player pool, gave Partouche the advantage against big poker rooms such as PokerStars. And yet, the poker network didn’t make much of an impact.

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Loyal players must be earned

Other large casino operators in France went through similar scenarios and the concept can very well be applied to the online gaming markets in the United States. The fact that players can join now right here and play for real money means that they are familiar with the concept and how an online gaming site should look.

Online players nowadays, be it poker, casino or sports betting, are educated. They do the research and compare options on the market before jumping in with a healthy deposit. Bonuses, software features, game variety, security and much more elements come together to form the perfect option.

While the brand can be enough to get some notice and put the site on the map, it will not stay there for long without a good understanding of the industry and the features needed to sustain a large number of players. The Facebook casino news will keep users up to date with the latest news from the gambling world.


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