Tim Lincecum Throws No-Hitter For The Giants

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The Freak returns to glory with a no-hitter against the Padres

The San Francisco Giants faced the San Diego Padres on Saturday at Petco Park and while they were favorites to win the match, not a lot of people were expecting it to be by such a big margin. The headline of the night was certainly the starting pitcher for the Giants, Tim Lincecum, as he threw a no hitter; the first of his career and the second one of the season.

Tim Lincecum Throws No-Hitter For The Giants
Tim Lincecum throws a no-hitter against the Padres

Gamblers that enjoy teaser bets definitely watched filled with excitement as the game went on to see if “The Freak” can really pull it off. To make it even more impressive, Lincecum hasn’t been performing as well as he used to for that past several years now and not many believed that he had what it takes to make a perfect game. He came to Petco Park on Saturday to make some history and he certainly did that by pitching the 15th no-hitter in the history of the Giants franchise, while the San Diego Padres could not find a response. Check out more teaser bets info to know how that smallest things in a sports match can win you big amounts of money.

Saturday night spectacle for Giants fans

After his performance started, it seemed that Lincecum was becoming more and more focused and his eyes were set on the prize. Once the final out was made, a huge weight was lifted from his shoulders and he showed the world that he still has what it takes to be one of the best payers in the league. Throughout the past two seasons, Lincecum was mostly struggling to get the magic back and play at the same level that made him an elite performer a few years ago. On Saturday night however, he didn’t struggle one bit; or at least he didn’t show it. The perfect game seemed to come so natural for The Freak as he placed his name in the history books and took all doubts of his potential out of the question.

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According to the latest sports news, the Giants manager, Bruce Bochy, didn’t know who to put in for the later innings as the match was so one-sided and Lincecum managing to strike out 13. When the sixth inning came along, The Freak had topped 100 and by the time that the ninth started, the number was over 130. His career high ended on Saturday at 138 and Bochy was determined to let Lincecum go all the way and either sink or swim. The two-time Cy Young award winner didn’t break under the pressure and continued his winning streak inning after inning.

Lincecum declared after the game that he had no doubt during the match and that it all felt good from the very first pitch. The performance will always be remembered by Giants fans as it is now part of the history behind the great franchise. Gamblers and fans watched with high emotions right until the final pitch and Lincecum’s face completely changed once he realized that it was over and that The Freak was back, be it for just one night.

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