Online Gambling – A £2 Billion Industry In The UK

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And it continues to grow each year!

Online Gambling – A £2 Billion Industry In The UKOnline gambling has been increasing significantly over the past few years and the £2 billion mark was reached in the United Kingdom last year, making it the biggest market on the globe. Most of this is thanks to the regulations that allow operators to offer their services in a secure environment, thus making it very easy for players to join the online casino of their choice and enjoy the many games available.

UK residents have embraced this industry and helped it grow while cashing in big jackpots. The image that gambling amongst citizens has also changed very much in recent years and it is no longer seen as a bad habit, but more of a way to get entertainment. The end of the global financial crisis and the increase in spendable funds also made gambling a top choice amongst European players in particular and the busy lifestyles made playing over the internet the ideal solution.

Mobile Gambling

To offer even better accessibility for the customers, online casinos are now focusing on mobile apps that make the games available on smartphones and tablets. The convenience of always being able to get a few games going has helped gambling sites reach a wider audience that is mostly made out of younger users, which like stay up-to-date with the latest gadgets.

Online casinos specialized over different platforms are the future of the gambling industry as more and more players opt for a mobile version that better fits their busy schedules. The review of Jack Gold Casino presents the top choice right now and users can easily pick their preferred device and start enjoying the many games. There are versions for smartphones, tablets, PCs and Smart TVs.

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Another factor that helped the online gambling industry grow is the smoking ban which is now in effect around the world. Not being able to smoke while at the tables, or when playing slots, makes it very uncomfortable for smoking gamblers and they prefer to get the experience in the comfort of their own homes instead of going to a brick and mortar casino.

According to the experts, the online gambling industry will continue to grow even more in the next few years and that the image will get better as more players join the trend. The UK will continue to ride the wave despite introducing new taxes for operators a while back. While this made some of the companies move their headquarters to other regions in search for lower taxes, the top names in the industry are still the ones that stayed in the UK.

Online Gambling in the US

Recent changes in some states have attracted a lot of attention towards the US. While there are some amazing online casinos that welcome American gamblers, the goal is to legalize it and make it much easier for operators to join the market. Slots of Fortune is one of the top gambling sites for US citizens and it attracts a lot of customers with its colorful design, great game selection and big bonuses. More information is available in this Slots of Fortune Casino review, including the easiest way to claim a 300% bonus on the first deposit up to $3,000 to play slots.

While states like New Jersey and Delaware have online gambling regulations, these only allow players from within the state borders to access the sites, which should become available by the end of the year. Until then however, gamblers can try the New Cleos VIP Room here and enjoy a really special online experience. The site is not like all the other online casinos as it combines the games with regular raffles and various prizes from a luxury online store.


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