Tips for Playing Roulette Online

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Netherlands Make Preparations To Sell Holland CasinoThe massive number of different online casino game options that you have at the different online casinos out there can be overwhelming and can make you decide to change games constantly throughout your time at the tables.  One game that will constantly remain as one of the top options is roulette though.  When playing the popular game of roulette at the online casinos you’ll find that there are a few different options for style of play, but today we are going to take a look at some tips and strategy behind playing roulette.  There are a lot of casinos featuring roulette, but today we will look at roulette at the Win Palace casino just as our example site since they are definitely a great option.

Managing Your Bankroll

With ANY type of online gambling, we can preach about the importance of managing your bankroll.  That doesn’t mean that it’s incredibly easy to do though, especially in a game like roulette that will feature a ton of up’s and downs.  You need to be sure to know how much you can spend while playing roulette before you jump onto the table, and if you don’t then you could find yourself burning through that bankroll quickly.  Never spend a massive percentage of your stack on one spin, and you should always bet small and ride out the wins and losses until you are able to increase your bet once your account continues to grow.

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Dodge Inside Bets

Inside bets may seem like some of the best bets on the board because of the nice odds that come out when you hit them.  The payout for straight bets are going to pay 35 to 1, but the bets that you should really take advantage of are going to be the even money bets or possibly looking at the column or dozen bets that pay out 2 to 1.  If you want to put bets down on the big time payouts such as straight up bets, then you should be betting very small when doing so.

Practice to Get a Feel

Taking the time to practice at the table and get a feel for the game itself is never a bad thing to do.  Practice makes perfect of course, and even though roulette is simply a game of luck depending on how the ball falls, it is still a game that you can practice and work on your betting strategies with.  Most online casinos out there are going to offer players play money options so that they can play the game to see what it’s like and to make sure they like it before playing in the real money games.

Knowing When to Leave the Table/Raise Bets

To some extent this tip is going to fall under money management, but I definitely think that it’s worth it’s own section here.  If you get hot and continue to build up your bankroll at the table, it’s important to know when you should leave the table, and also when you should raise your bets as well.  One great way to do it is to tell yourself that if you double your money that you will leave the table, or at least take your winnings off of the table, and just play with the money that you have left.  This means that in a worst case scenario you are left with your starting stack.  As far as raising the bets go, if you do have a hot streak going, adding in another small bet onto your original bet, and possibly going from a $10 bet to a $15 bet is definitely an option to consider.


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