Security in online gambling

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The beginnings of online gambling

Security in Online GamblingOur favorite pastime over the internet, online gambling, has been around for a long time. Ever since the whole internet was still in its infancy, with just a handful of simply built websites existing in the whole world, online gambling had already made an appearance, even though it was totally different from what we’re seeing in the industry nowadays. Back then, passionate gamblers created gambling forums where they could exchange ideas about their passion.

Over time, the possibility of actually playing casino games over the internet appeared and the first online casinos began to open their doors – but they were simple games, without the possibility of playing them for real money due to the insecurity surrounding cash transactions. The real revolution came with the secure online financial transactions, which made it possible for online gamblers to put their trust in the games and wager their own money in the games they were already playing.

Security in gambling today

Nowadays, security and safety are taken as a given, and it’s not hard to find a trustworthy site where you can start playing online gambling games. In fact, I can go as far as to say that, with a decent amount of research, it’s almost impossible to get scammed by an online casino in this day and age, because of two solid reasons: first, sites like Latest Casino News are here to make the trustworthy online casinos more well known – each of the sites we recommend is being used by one or more people on our team, so we know first hand that it’s worth putting your trust in them.

But the biggest reason why you should trust online casinos nowadays is the most obvious one: there’s simply too much money to be made from legitimate online gambling business to even tempt the casino owners to scam you out of your cash. Online gambling is a win-win situation: you win cash by hitting the jackpots and they win money by having you as a client! Who would want to ruin this perfect relationship?

An example of online casino security

The new Miami Club Casino is one of our favorite fresh online casinos on the market, and it’s been reviewed here on Latest Casino News earlier this month. One of its key features is the ironclad security that makes your money be as safe as it would be in a bank. With 128 bit SSL data encryption being a standard on the site, your private information is as safe as it could be on the internet nowadays, and with the financial transactions being done through trusted third party payment processors, like Neteller, MoneyBookers or your credit card (be it Visa or MasterCard), either depositing your own money on Miami Club Casino or withdrawing your earnings is as safe as taking some money from an ATM.

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Fraud Detection is also a very important factor for sites like Miami Club Casino. With people trying various scams over the internet, they have implemented a tight security system that ensures that less than trustworthy people have no business on their site. This has all been done for you and for your money to be as safe as possible on their site.

So is your money safe?

Short answer? Yes. Long answer? As we’ve said before, it’s as safe as it would be in a bank! Modern online casinos invest a LOT of money in safety and security, and the result shows: there have been less and less reports of people being scammed in online gambling over the past few years, making this industry one of the safest online!


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