Pill To Cure Gambling Addiction In Australia

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Australian researchers are working on an anti-gambling addiction pill

Online gambling is popular in all corners of the world but although most people see it as a way to have fun and add some excitement to popular games, gambling addiction is becoming a real problem in some countries and Australian researchers are looking for a way to solve this problem and provide some help to those suffering from it.

It can be easy to see how some players can get addicted to gambling games especially since online casinos are becoming incredibly popular and it is now very easy to play on the internet and also benefit from large bonuses. The promise of free money is very difficult to resist and the Maxino Casino bonuses and promotions offer a lot of ways for customers to experience the games without having to stress too much about the money. However, responsible gaming is always very important and one should consider every amount wagered.

Gambling AddictionPill To Cure Gambling Addiction In Australia

Like any other addiction, gambling offers a special feeling which can make the player come back for more on a regular basis and it can be easy to lose track of some actions. A drug which is already on the market and used by alcoholics, Naltrexone, will be the starting point for the new anti-gambling addiction pill. This is meant to reduce the euphoria of opiates a gambler gets when wagering and thus make it easier to make rational decision while still enjoying the games.

There are now half a million players in Australia that are suffering from gambling addiction on some level and this has proven to be very expensive for the country with almost five billion dollars being spent each year.

The University of Melbourne is in charge of the study to see how effective the drug will be amongst problem gamblers and this is the first of its kind. Despite the fact that some studies have been done before, this will be the first time the drug is tested for its effectiveness and the results might be very interesting. If the study will be successful, countless players around the world will be able to get help.

Gambling addiction refers to an urge to wager money constantly which normally leads to bad choices and a significant loss of money. Severe cases can be classified under pathological gambling where the player can’t control his impulses to bet on something and so finds whatever option he can to do it. There are quite a few similarities between problem gamblers and alcoholics which is the why researchers hope that the drug will show good results.

Online gambling

Although the internet has allowed gamblers from around the world to have access to casino games, this is not an important factor leading to the addiction problem in Australia. Online casinos are just a way for players to enjoy the games and they do no promote addictive behavior. Casino games can also be played for free online by users that just want to enjoy their time and spend a few hours gambling virtual money. This doesn’t have any negative consequences on the player’s bankroll and it is a way for problem gamblers to limit themselves and their losses.

Some studies show that gambling addiction might be caused due to low levels of norepinephrine and players get the urge to wager in order to make up for the under-dosage. This substance is secreted by the body in conditions of stress and thrill which is exactly what casino games offer. Players that do not have low levels of norepinephrine are less likely to become addicted to gambling.


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