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Box24 Casino BonusBox24 Casino is an eye-catching, stylish online casino that appeared on the internet during the “second wave” of online casinos, in 2009. Since then it has constantly grown to the point that it has a solid base of loyal players that are loyal to the site’s many games, bonuses and promotions.

After testing the site for a while we saw that it fit the bill for what we look for in a site, and for good reason, too: the many bonuses, promotions and offers that are on display there are the easiest way for an online gambling beginner to build his or her online gambling career in the easiest way possible: by taking advantage of all the shortcuts the online gambling industry has prepared for you.

The Box24 Casino Review

The main thing we are going to address is the amount and quality of the promotions available on Box24 Casino.  If you want to start playing online gambling and are researching a great online casino to actually play at, this should be the perfect resource. Download Box24 casino here.

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If you want to know more about the promotions and bonuses at Box24 Casino, here’s what you can expect.

Box24 Promotions and Bonuses

If you like getting paid without doing much to actually deserve getting paid, then you’re simply going to love the promotions and bonuses offered by Box24 casino. First and foremost, it’s the welcome package. And oh, boy, is it a great way to be greeted! First up, you get $24 for signing up and downloading the online casino software required to run the games on your computer. That’s it, there’s no deposit required or anything, you just get the money once you download the software. If you do want to deposit some money, you’ll get a 200% first deposit bonus of up to $1,000, more than enough to boost your bankroll before you even start playing any of the games. A separate welcome bonus is waiting for you in the online slots section – it’s a combined offer with a maximum of $2,400 available for your first four deposits. The second bonus is a 100% bonus of up to $1,000, the third is a 50% bonus of up to $1,000 and the third one is a 100% deposit bonus of up to $200. In total, these bonuses can deliver up to a couple thousand dollars!

And after that initial deposit the rewards go even further, with deposit bonuses being available for your second, third and even your fourth deposit!

And if you refer one of your friends to Box24 Casino you’ll get even more – a $50 bonus everytime one of your friends signs up for an account with the site following your recommendation.

In conclusion

That’s not even remotely the entirety of the promotions available right now at Box24 Casino. There are so many more surprises and great offers available for you on the site, and all you have to do is just sign up and start playing – Box24 Casino will take care of the rest and you’ll just have to worry about where you will get to spend your newly found fortune.

box24 casino bonus

And remember, for more information about the world’s leading online casinos, online casino news and online casino promotions, we here at Latest Casino News always give you the best insights!

So go on and check out Box24 Casino, good luck and have fun!


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