Old Havana Casino Bonuses

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Types of online casinos

Old Havana Casino BonusesThere are many types of online casinos. Depending on a wide variety of criteria, you have free play online casinos and real money casinos; depending on the types of games played there, you have a lot of types of online casinos, such as online slot casinos, table game casinos and so on. But what do all of these websites have in common?

Apart from a fan base that revolves around the same types of games, you’d say that they don’t have much in common, but this where you would be mistaken. Online casinos are all united in the same type of approach that they use when coming in contact with their users. Many of them have cut out the middle man and deal directly with the players themselves. Instead of buying advertising on TV they increase the promotions, and instead of renting huge billboards everywhere they increase the bonuses that the players get when signing up. It’s a win-win situation from which the simple user has a lot more to gain!

Old Havana Casino

Old Havana Online Casino is an online casino that manages to capture that latin feel of the Cuban people, and the glamorous night life that can only be found in Havana. Despite it being a new online casino (barely launched in October), Old Havana Casino seems to have studied the recipe for success and is applying it with great results. They have a lot of bonuses, promotions and offers that can make a player’s life easier without him or her even having to go out of their confort zone. In this business, it’s not about the likes you get on Facebook, it’s about the prizes getting delivered to you! We’re going to take a look at these offers that you can grab, but if you want to check out the full Old Havana Casino Review just follow this link!

Old Havana Bonuses and Promotions

The first and most important bonus for a new player is the first deposit bonus, since it’s the very first offer that you encounter when you sign up. This 200% first deposit bonus has an outstanding limit for a new online casino, as it can deliver up to $5,000 at once! If you are to deposit $100 you’re going to end up with $300 in your account – just think how much you can earn if you get closer to that $5,000 limit! Your second deposit with Old Havana is also covered, as you’ll get a 125% second deposit bonus that can be redeemed by using OHC125 as the bonus code. So if you combine these two promotions you’re going to get one hell of a bankroll going for you!

And many other bonuses and promotions are here to spice things up even further. Every week, the special promotions change and another one will give you the chance to be a winner without you even lifting a finger. This week, for example, the promotion will get you a 45% increase on your first three deposits if you use MST Gift Cards. If time runs out don’t worry, as another promotion will quickly take its place.

On Saturdays you’ll be glad you’re staying home for the weekend, as you can get a maximum bonus amount of $95 if you use the coupon for the “Thank God it’s Saturday” promo. And to ensure that you’ll have a great weekend, Super Sunday is here to help you out even further: your maximum bonus amount from the Sunday promotion is $150, and you can use this promotion’s coupons three times, making your potential earnings $450!

Final word about Old Havana Casino

In conclusion, this up and coming online casino really has the basics down. Old Havana Casino has implemented all the best qualities in an online casino and made sure that their players’ pockets are full!

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